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04 Jul 2017 - 05:10:56

Steps To Replace Honda CR-V Car Radios

HONDA motors produce a large number of electronic equipments. Considering all those productions CR-V radio is a famous one. But due to certain problems encountered in using the Honda CRV and to get an improvised version of the audio, people want to replace it with the new production and latest trend in the market. This following article will let you know how to remove a Honda CR-V radio.

The main purpose of removing the CRV is to get a better form of audio version. The main equipments of CRV radio are speakers and radio attached with it. Hence the very first step you have to do is the removal of the main equipment radio which is attached with the CRV. Only two things are needed to perform this work. They are panel tool and Phillips screw driver.

There may be any tapes or CDs running in the radio of CRV. Therefore first we should remove the above mentioned things. Then you need to do is to switch off the power of vehicle you have. You may encounter any electrical shocks while removing the factory radio. To avoid those shorts you should first remove the negative cable of the battery in the radio.

Then the next step you should do is to locate the dash present. The dash will be present under the factory radio. Then you should take your Phillips screwdriver. There will be two vents present in the dash's centre point. Now you should locate the Phillips screws. Those two screws should be carefully removed with the usage of Phillips screwdriver.

Then you should use your next equipment that is your panel tool. In the factory radio which you are going to remove, you can see a trim panel. The next step is to remove this trim panel using the panel tool. This will be seen surrounding your factory radio. Then you have to carefully remove all the clips attached with the trim panel. After removing every clips you can now easily remove your trim panel.

The next step you have to do is to remove the other Phillips screws attached with it. Hence you have to now look for the other sets of Phillips screws with the factory radio.

Those Phillips screws will be seen at all the corners of the factory radio. Now again take your Phillips screw driver. With the help of this Phillips screw driver now remove the other Phillips screws attached at all the corners of the radio.

Now all the attachments with the factory radio have been removed. The factory radio of Honda CRV is now ready to remove. The factory radio will be present in the dash. Hence after removing all the Phillips screws and taking off that trim panel seen at the sides the radio can be easily removed out of the dash launch x431 pro plus. Now remove all the connectors seen at the back Car Diagnostic Tool.

Thus the article shows how to remove a Honda CR-V radio. Now enjoy the audio with the latest brand.

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