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21 Jul 2017 - 05:31:06

The Basics on How to Install Lowering Springs

Installing lowering springs improves not only the handling but also the look of your car or truck.

A good set of new or used lowering coil springs is a great investment for any automobile.

This process is a favourite aftermarket modification choice for many owners of car or trucks. Some of the reasons behind this are that the lower height not only looks great but improves the overall performance as well. The whole process of installing the springs will take approximately an hour or two as long as you have all the necessary tools.

The subsequent installation steps are for the average vehicle so it is highly recommended that you check your owner's manual before attempting any of the procedures to avoid any potential difficulties or errors:

Installing Lowering Springs for the Front Suspension

1] Find a flat, unobstructed surface and jack up the vehicle. Before removing the jack place jack stands to support the car before going on to the next step.

2] Remove the tires and rims or mag wheels and place them in an area that won't obstruct your work space.

3] Pop open the hood and unbolt the 2 large bolts that secure the top of the strut tower by using a ratchet and the correct socket which is usually 3/8 inch.

4] Locate the pinch bolt and unbolt it. You can recognize it by finding the bolt that secures the strut to the lower fork.

5] Next, unbolt the bolt that connects the fork to the lower control arm by utilizing the ratchet and a wrench and remove the strut.

6] Take the strut compressors and place them on the springs that are on the strut. Space the clamps as far apart as possible to allow plenty of compression room.

7] Now tighten the compressor with the ratchet and continue to do this by alternating from side to side. You will need to continue this action until the springs have compressed a minimum of two inches.

8] Insert the Allen key into the top of the strut and loosen the strut cap by using your wrench. Near the end of the threads begin to turn the wrench in a slow manner.

9] Take off the strut cap and spring and then uncompress the compressors with the ratchet.

10] Pop off the plastic cap on the strut shaft. You may notice that there is a rubber bump stop on the shaft of the strut itself. Pull it off and slice it in half by using a sharp edged knife and then replace and reassemble everything launch x431 v+.

11] Place the lowering spring onto the strut and then put back the strut cap onto the assembly. Since the springs are already lower it should fit quite well without having to use the spring compressors again. However, if you do encounter difficulty then compress the spring as you did in the aforementioned steps.

12] The final step is to reassemble the front suspension in the reverse order.

Installing Lowering Springs for the Rear Suspension

1] Open the trunk door and pull back any carpeting or covering to unveil the 2 large bolts that fasten each strut to the strut tower itself. Unbolt these 2 bolts using the 3/8 inch ratchet and socket.

2] Now you need to unbolt the strut from the control arm using, again with your ratchet, and remove the strut from the car.

3] Take your spring compressors and compress the spring and disassemble the strut in the same steps as noted for the front suspension as illustrated from numbers 3 to 6 Car Diagnostic Tool.

4] The last step would be to reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly.

5] After both the front and rear are completed then it is time to put the wheels back on, remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle.
You have successfully completed all the necessary steps to install lowering springs on both ends of your car or truck. You will notice that installing lowering springs was not as hard as you thought. Now you can enjoy the better handling and improved aerodynamic look that your lowering coil springs has provided for your automobile.

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