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21 Nov 2017 - 04:33:58

Traffic Woes by Brenda Williams

There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic that isn't moving anywhere. And as it turns out, with the increasing number of people flocking to various areas of the country where the economy is a little better than they are, the chances of traffic problems getting better is slim. For instance, in North Carolina, the economy is doing a lot better than in most other areas of the country. How do I know this? It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. Just look around and almost everywhere you go, you can see active construction on roadways taking place. Since I have been here for the past few years, it seems as if everything is under construction. It is something that is both exciting and annoying (if you're trying to get home from work).

Expanding roadways is a sure sign that the area is in need of some serious help so that it will be able to better accommodate the larger numbers of people who are now swarming the roadways. But does expanding the roads really help? Many people would argue that it doesn't help traffic matters at all, but in fact makes it worse. The expansion of roadways usually means that the road will be able to accommodate more vehicles Car Diagnostic Tool, thus making the traffic flow more smoothly. However, many residents have noticed that since the roads near their houses have been expanded, increasing numbers of vehicles are now traveling faster than the posted speed limit. Additionally, it is now noisier; and in some instances, people's property values have gone down due to the fact that their front lawn had to be dug up in order to expand the roads. No one wants to see their home town turn into the proverbial 'concrete jungle' that California roadways (and some NY roadways) are often referred to. We want to be able to preserve the aesthetic qualities of beautiful, lush, QUIET neighborhoods without having to hear honking horns and vehicles flying by at upwards of 45 miles per hour only a few feet from your front door. So Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, what about mass transit? Well, in some areas, such as California, mass transit is limited due to natural occurrences such as earthquakes, etc.

In some areas such as New York City, mass transit makes sense and works quite well because everything is located in relative proximity to each other. However, in areas such as North Carolina where it takes almost 20-30 minutes to get anywhere, mass transit might not make sense just yet. But I'm willing to bet that given a significant amount of time, mass transit will begin to make more sense for North Carolinians. There has already been talk of putting in a monorail system to travel back and forth between the major cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. So, who knows where we'll be in a few years! We might not be as savvy as New York City with the subway systems and zillions of yellow cabs, but we'll get there.

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