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16 Jan 2018 - 03:35:56

Understand AC Parts From This Article

A home appliance built to extract heat from the specific area is called an air conditioner. In simple terms it is a system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning also called as HVAC. Air conditioners can be used in buildings, automobiles and is very comfortable for any type of weather hot or cold.

Principle of the Air conditioner

The air conditioner works on the principle of successive cooling and heating of the volatile liquid called Freon. The Freon first enters the compressor here it is compressed into gas. On compression the heat is released and the liquid is cooled. The heat is dispersed with a fan. The liquid then enters the condenser where it absorbs the heat from the surroundings and the liquid is converted into gas. With this conversion the surroundings become cool. This is the entire cycle and the room is cooled.

The various parts


Compressor is used to squeeze the Freon. On squeezing the pressure of the cool, low pressure gas Freon increases due to packing of the molecules, its temperature and energy also increases.


Condenser helps to disperse the heat generated by the gas which comes outside the compressor. It is almost like a radiator inside the gas. The condenser has metal fins all around which helps in heat dissipation.


Once the gas leaves the condenser its nature has changed from gas to liquid and it is much cooler. The liquid goes into the evaporator and its pressure drops and it again changes into gas. The liquid goes into the evaporator through a small narrow hole. On changing into gas it takes the heat from the air around it autel maxisys ms906. This heat is required to change the liquid into gas. The evaporator is also provided with metal fins which help in heat exchange with the air surrounding it. From the evaporator the gas goes into the compressor again.

The evaporator, condenser and compressor are the three main parts. Outside the air conditioner you find the condenser and the compressor. On the inside is the evaporator.

Other than the three basic AC parts there is a hot coil on the outside of the air conditioner this helps to disperse the heat. The cool coil is found outside the air conditioner helps to absorb the heat. There are two fans in the Air conditioner and a control circuit which helps to modify the temperature. Temperature modification is possible through the use of potentiometer.

The outer cover of the air conditioner gives it an aesthetic appeal. Covers are made of molded plastic and in a wide range of designs and colors. Buttons and knobs are also easily available in the market. If the air conditioner is installed facing the road the water carrying duct is necessary to drain the water.

Replaceable parts

Of all the Ac parts the compressor is the most expensive and hence the most important. Warranties are provided for the compressor and some compressors work for several years without any repair Car Diagnostic Tool. New compressors are also available in the market, which can be installed when the original air conditioner develops faults. In new air conditioners only some manufacturers make their own compressor. Others buy the compressor from other companies and install it in their machines.

Other replaceable parts in an air conditioner are the condensers and evaporators. The cooling and heating coils also can be replaced. Coils generally develop faulty heat dissipation and give unsatisfactory cooling results. The easiest of replaceable ac parts are the fans.

It is easy to fit the fans to the ac compressor with the help of screws to the outside of the air conditioner and the wires are fitted to the circuit board of the ac. Getting the best ac condenser can be challenging and it can be easily obtained through online store.

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