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23 Mar 2018 - 03:42:38

Used Car Buyers Should Visit Auto Body Repair Shops Before A Purchase

Through negligence or outright ignorance, many buyers of used cars end up with lemons or worse, cars that are totally unsafe to use. And sadly, this happens more often to people who are on a budget and are taken in by the low price of a used car. There are many tales of people who are told that the used car they are buying is a bit of a fixer upper, only to find out later that the vehicle has a bent frame. Or that an auto body repair shop has repaired the vehicle from a previous accident so haphazardly that the car is not safe to drive.

Most buyers of used cars know that they should inspect the drivetrain of a car as well as the suspension. Even check for rust in certain spots that tend to pool water. But few bother to question the integrity of a car’s structure, specially if the buyer misses signs that the vehicle has been involved in an accident. For a buyer, one of the first things that he or she should spend on is a vehicle history report. Such services abound online, and the thirty to fifty dollars you spend will be a lifesaver if the check reveals that the vehicle has been involved in an accident and the seller does not disclose it Autel MaxiSys Pro. Knowing the severity of an accident will help a buyer decide if the price of a used vehicle is worth it.

A decent auto body repair shop will check out a used car for improper repairs and structural integrity for free or for a nominal fee. In fact, some auto body repair chains are emphatic that used car buyers should bring a prospect car to an auto body repair shop as well as a mechanic. These two areas of a car are equally important, more so now that new vehicle bodies use exotic steels that make a car lighter and stronger, yet more difficult to repair. Traditional methods of heating up the steel to hammer it back into shape will weaken that particular spot, making the vehicle unsafe in an accident. There are cases too where a car repaired from a crash has not had its airbag replaced. Since it is not illegal to sell a car without a working airbag, unscrupulous owners instruct an auto body repair shop to fill the airbag cavity with foam instead. It becomes illegal only when the seller misrepresents the condition of this ubiquitous safety feature when the buyer asks about it. Many do not, and drive away thinking that there is an airbag that will save them in case they crash.

The lesson here is while mechanics are important in checking out a car’s engine OBD Tool, drivetrain and suspension, used car buyers should also connect with a reputable auto body repair shop to check out the vehicle before they fork over their money.

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