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16 Avr 2018 - 03:49:34

Used Jeep - Economic Jeeps

The automotive world is somewhat obsessed with producing cars that run efficiently and on the smallest amount of fuel possible. From one point of view this is to do with the credit crunch, and the fact that with rising fuel costs the general public simply won't be able to keep being able to afford to drive wherever they want to. From the more eco-friendly point of view the less fuel we use, the better not only for the ozone layer, but for the conservation of the world's resources. We simply can't keep using fuel at the same rate we are now, or we will run out very soon indeed.

Whilst lots of car manufacturers are responding to this situation with tiny engines and hybrid power, this approach doesn't suit everyone. After all, hydrogen fuels cells are still their infancy, and electric cars constantly need to be recharged. Even smaller engines don't suit everyone, as you still need to be able to generate a reasonable level of power and speed in certain cars and for certain situations. This means that there are certain brands that you simply wouldn't expect to see producing any sort of economical green cars, because they are well-known for their large engines. When that power and performance is what the brand is all about, it makes it difficult to conform to an automotive trend that goes completely against the grain, and against their current technologies.

However, some brands are manning up and getting into the spirit of things Car Diagnostic Tool, despite their reputation. One such company is Jeep, who is going against the peer pressure from other 4x4 companies, and seeing if they can create an off-roading high performance vehicle that still manages to save the drive money and fuel. They way they are going, and the results they are delivering, it may well be the case that the only notoriously uneconomical Jeeps in future will be the ones relegate to the used Jeep dealerships launch x431 v plus, not the new ones.

The first Jeeps to enter the realms of the eco-friendly are the Compass and the Patriot. These cars have actually beaten fuel economy records, even though they are chunky SUVs with 2.0 litre engines. To really drive the point home (pun completely intended) Jeep sent two intrepid explorers (who also happened to be fuel economy experts) on a trip from London to Berlin - a journey that covers 658 miles. The Jeep Compass achieved a fuel economy of 66.76 MPG, whilst the Patriot beat even that, scoring in at 67.46 MPG. These would be great results for any modern car, but they are even more remarkable when you consider that these are SUVs, known for their large size, copious amounts of space, and complete lack of sensitivity to the world around them.

With Jeep making strides into eco-friendly fuel usage and unmatched performance, it seems the car industry has well and truly grabbed the bull by the horns. Even the newest Ford Mustang, a car with an engine as big as a house and terrible fuel economy to boot, has announced that it will soon be boasting some impressive figures! We are at the dawn of t a fuel revolution!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Jeep cars.

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